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    Sofizz is a free mobile application which helps you find a person to share your favorite activities with such as visiting a museum, an exhibition or going for a run or a drink, …


    Add spice to your social life !


    ”What if it was as easy to find someone to join me for an exhibition then finding a guy on Tinder“ – Florence


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  • Available on Ios and Android

  • Features

    You have an idea in mind ?

    Create your « activity card » in seconds


    For sports, cultural and nightlife activities


    Find activities near you!

    SoFizz Game

    Swipe left / right to choose the right activity


    Engage conversation with other Fizz members

    Social Sphere

    Grow your social sphere. Meet new  friends.

  • Why?

    Because not everyone has friends who like to run 10K on Sunday morning, who like jazz,

    cocktails, or museums, or because we can’t have someone to show us around every city in

    the world. ;)


    Simple and efficient!


    Are you looking for someone who wants to go to the pub that just opened next to your place ? But:

    - Your friends are unavailable

    - You’re new in town and you know to few people

    - You want to meet new people


    With the Sofizz app we solve your problem!


    - It takes about 1 minute to create a card inviting people to join you at the bar.

    - Members of the community will let you know if they wish to join you

    - Chatting begins, congrats you found someone to join you for a drink.


    Lets say you don’t have a predefined idea of what you want to do. What you can do is swipe through the cards published by other members and swipe right when an activity suits you.


    Perfect, you just found yourself something to do this weekend ! :)


    Sofizz is first and foremost a meeting in real life whether you like athletic mornings or festive nights.

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